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Time To Spring Into Action

As March exits like a lamb and April steps up to usher in spring, the time has finally come for you to, once again, step outside and begin waking up your landscape from its winter nap. April is when you should cut back your ornamental grasses and remove that extra inch or two of mulch […]

Spring Flowering Woody Plants

An early lesson in gardening is that we shouldn’t prune spring flowering trees or shrubs until after they’ve bloomed. The reason is simple. These shrubs bloom on last year’s wood, which means that the flower buds formed last year. If you prune them before they flower, you can easily prune off these buds and you […]

Animal Proof Your Plants For Winter

Remember last winter when the snow and cold weather turned your valuable landscape into a buffet for deer, rabbits, mice and other mammals? We don’t know what this winter will bring, but it’s best to follow the Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared. This is the right time of year to begin planning your strategy […]

Color Should Appear Soon

Spring will soon wake up from its winter slumber, and with it will come the rainbow of color that we all look forward to. Some call it a rebirth, but it is really a reawakening. This color arrives relatively quietly. First the crocus peeks its colorful petals out of the ground, even if it’s covered […]

Foundation Planting Dos & Don’ts

Foundation planting is, arguably, the most discussed question in landscaping. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Why not? Why? How do you make it look like the house is on a permanent foundation? These questions have been debated for decades. Shrubs were originally planted to hide Victorian houses’ foundations, which weren’t the most attractive part of the […]

Prune With A Purpose

Agriculture, including horticulture and arboriculture, used to be done, to a great extent, by the calendar. The calendar approach has largely given way to a scientific research based approach. Research has shown, for example, that pruning should be done to meet certain objectives rather than according to time of year. The old school approach had […]

Consider Your Landscape When Making Snow Removal Plans

When making winter plans for your landscape, don’t forget snow removal – from your drive and walkways, not from your trees and shrubs. The latter will be covered in another blog. How do you remove snow from your drive? Plow? Snow blower? Shovel? The shovel is safest for your plants, but that is the method […]