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Snow Shovels Are For Sidewalks, Not Trees

We just had our first significant snowfall and I had to cringe when I drove around the area. People were actually knocking snow off trees with snow shovels and brooms. Some were just shaking it off, which is just as bad. Brushing with your hands is the only technique that is not harmful to the […]

Break Up The Snow With Winter Color

That title may seem impossible when you look out the window at a sea of white after a fresh snowfall. With a little planning, you can easily and inexpensively add some color to you landscape. Not a big splash of bright color like spring, mind you, but enough muted tones to break up the single […]

Snow Shovels Are For Sidewalks, Not Trees

While we haven’t had much snow again this winter, I want to forewarn you of a post snowstorm practice that is unsafe for you and your trees. I’m talking about knocking snow off the evergreen trees and shrubs in your yard. As I drive around after snowstorms, and see people doing this, I’m always tempted […]