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The Importance Of Soil

As if the word soil doesn’t have enough of a negative connotation, our slang term is dirt. What could be more negative? Yet, soil is the supporter of all life. It’s the medium in which plants grow. Animals eat the plants and wind up on our dinner table. And, the circle of life goes on […]

Mulch Will Help Plants Cope With Our Crazy Summer

Our last blog made suggestions about modifying your watering habits in the wake of our  wet spring and uncertain summer. Mulch can reduce the amount of work, and guess work, that you would be facing otherwise. Mulch plays a greater role in your landscape than just looking nice. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, reducing the time […]

New Rules For Watering This Summer

To water or not to water in summer is usually quite easy to determine. If we have a dry spring and summer, we have to water. If we have continual rain, we don’t. That’s not the case this summer. We had an extraordinary amount of rain in the spring – several inches above normal. In […]

Spring Fertilization – Why You Need It

This has been a rough winter, not only for us but for our landscape plants as well. Cold weather lingered almost into May. Late spring means that plants are late leafing out, and our lawns are just greening up. This means they have not really started making food. They are still living on the food they had stored […]