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Fall Planting Includes Dividing Perennials

A few weeks ago, I reminded you why fall is for planting. Fall planting includes transplanting, and dividing overgrown perennials qualifies as transplanting. Most perennials, especially woody perennials, exhibit the characteristics that makes fall the preferred planting and transplanting time. The same weather conditions that make this such a good time to plant or transplant […]

Divide A Perennial – Be A Friend To Your Garden & Other Gardeners

You can make three gardening friends happy and your garden happy with just a few minutes of work. All you have to do is divide an overgrown perennial. A few more minutes to split another perennial and you can please three more friends and your garden will be even happier. Fall is the best season […]

Be A Friend This Fall. Share Your Overgrown Perennials

Fall is for planting…and transplanting. It’s the ideal season to rein in overgrown perennials by splitting them and sharing them with friends. When perennials overtake your garden, dig up the plants and divide the roots into four pieces. Then replant one piece back into your garden and place the others in nursery pots to give […]